Screen Saturdays: Museum Virtual Tours

9 May 20

#screensaturdays: Oooh, lets start the discussion – are we at Peekado anti-screens? Shouldn’t a book subscription brand completely banish screens?⁠

he answer is a big NO. We provide our kids with the maximum possible connection and free play opportunities indoors and outdoors. We get a big chunk of our knowledge, imagination and emotional exposure through our beloved books📚 There are times though, when parents have no energy to entertain or parents may even be excited to watch content together on a screen, going through a new experience with their kids, together. If used in balance, screens can be very useful.⁠ We are starting a weekly series of doing a roundup of mindful, positive content that we painstakingly find on screen based platforms.⁠ ⁠

For today we are talking 🌈MUSEUMS🌈 – it would be an understatement to say that we love museums. We would happily get lost in a museum for hours and there are many good contenders here in UAE which we will share post Corona 🙃⁠ One good thing that has come out of these testing times is a whole load of resources being available online. There are Sooo many activities possible online now.⁠ We have shared a selection of our favourite virtual museum tours below. Enjoy!