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Lace The Train Activity

26 Jun 19

This is a simple activity that is easy to do and easy to carry along. It can be done with babies or toddlers to achieve different levels of engagement. We have used a train shaped lacing card but you can easily make your own lacing card.

Some benefits of lacing activity are:

  • Pincer Grasp Development: Making the needle and thread move in different directions is a fine motor skill kids require for performing various tasks. A pincer grasp is required for picking up small objects such as beads, seeds, coins, and so on.
  • Knowledge of Bilateral Coordination: Bilateral hand coordination is necessary when young children utilize the dominant hand as the tool controller and the non-dominant one as the assistant in certain skills which include writing, drawing, cutting using a pair of scissors, zipping a jacket, and buttoning a shirt.

  • Hand-eye Coordination: This is simply the use of information seen through the eyes to coordinate and control the hands, in order to finish a task like writing and catching a ball.
  • Scanning Visually: Lacing cards help children learn how to scan visually. Visual scanning helps children to be able to read, write and locate a specific colored item in a container full of similar items.
  • Literacy: You can modify lacing cards to suit different learning needs of kids. Writing letters alongside the holes can help kids learn how to identify letters, recognize letters, and sound letters. It also helps them to know the alphabetical order of letters and many more.
  • Mathematics: Writing numbers alongside the lacing holes can help children in identifying numbers, recognizing numbers, arranging numbers, multiplication, division, addition, subtraction, skip counting and much more.
  • Using Tools: Manipulating a string with or without a needle can be good practice for functional tool use.
  • Learning Life Skills: Kids get to learn to sew by using some string and a needle.

Enjoy the activity and tag us on social media with #dothepeekado