Frequently Asked Questions

What is Peekado?

We are a kids’ book subscription service and book supplier to schools and nurseries based out of UAE

Why the name 'Peekado'?

We recall ‘Peekaboo’ being one of the most frequently used word with our young son.
When it came to thinking about our business, our passion for reading and mindful parenting came together. Peekado is a play on Peekaboo, as in finding what is hidden, either behind the curtains or in the pages of a book. Together, we peek into the world of of books and encourage parents to consider reading as a bonding activity, thus ‘Do’. Peek and Do!

Why did we set up Peekado

Learn about our history on the About Us page

How does Peekado Work?

Peekado works on 4 models:

1. Books to Keep Subscription – Monthly subscription model, every box contains 3 books and surprises that are yours to keep. Subscribers have a choice of payment plans – monthly or 3 months upfront.

2. Books rental – Monthly subscription working like an online library – receive a box with 3 books that may or may not be pre-loved and return them at the end of the month.  Subscribers have a choice of payment plans – monthly or 3 months upfront.

3. One-off boxes – can be used either to explore our services, go deeper into specific topics or simply as a gift to a child.

4. Gifting – choose from vouchers of subscription for 3 month books to keep/ 3 months book rental/one off boxes. The voucher will be sent to the recipient with a voucher code that they can use to sign up with their own details.

What if my child is older than 4 years?

We will be adding more age ranges very soon. Please sign up to our mailing list in the footer to stay updated

When will you send my books?

Your delivery will be scheduled as soon as your subscription renews for monthly subscribers and on the date of the subscription for 3 month upfront subscribers. 
You will receive an email with the chosen books for that month and 3-4 days notice to let us know of any changes. Once this period is over, the box will be dispatched immediately. 

Can I cancel my order?

A monthly subscription can be cancelled at any time. Please cancel at least 3 days prior to your renewal date to avoid the automatic payment to be made. Once the payment is received, we will not be able to return the amount.
3 month upfront subscribers will not be able to cancel / transfer subscriptions until the end of the 3 months

Can I choose the books myself?

If you have purchased from our Book Keepers collections then the theme of your monthly box will be emailed to you a week before dispatch. In that email, you will be able to select from a list of alternative options should you wish to change the theme.

If you have purchased from our Story Swappers options, you will not be able to choose the books you receive. Books will be chosen based on availability and child’s age, however, we will endeavour to keep them as close to the monthly theme as possible.

What type of books can I expect?

We work had to include a good variety of picture books, board books, sensory books, lift the flap books so that you and your child have enough variety to stay entertained until their next box.

Do I get to keep the books?

They are yours if you have chosen a books to keep subscription.
They will be collected at the end of the month with a book rental subscription. Please refer to the guidelines (link) for the do’s and dont’s of caring for this books. 

Are you able to send foreign language books?

Not yet, this is why we capture your spoken languages at registration to consider possible expansion in future.

If I already have the book you've sent me, can I change it?

We don’t offer any returns or exchange once the books have been selected on the system and dispatched.

We will send you an email after your subcription renews for monthly subscribers or on the date of subscription for 3 month upfront subscribers with the list of the books to be expected. We will also provide you 3-4 days’ time to get back to us with any changes. All requests will be considered during this time. After the mentioned date, the box will directly be dispatched.

Do your prices include VAT?


Is there an additional charge for postage?

No, our prices include the shipping costs for the duration of the subscription

Do you deliver abroad?

This will depend on the location. Please contact us to discuss this further

How will my books be sent?

By courier, in a cardboard box, and addressed to your child 🙂

Can I ask you to deliver to an alternative address?

We can change your address in the case of moving houses. Please contact us with “Change of Address” in the subject.

What if I don't receive my books?

We will send you a dispatch email with the tracking number details. If you still don’t receive your books then please contact us to investigate this further