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Busy Book – Busy Builders Activity and Book Pack

26 Jun 19

This our travelling star, a package with book and figurines all contained in an easy to carry box. It is a part of our June 2019 box which is on the theme of exploration.

The package contains:

  • 4 figurines
  • A fold-out playmat to stimulate a building siteĀ 
  • Book about the figurines working as a team







A fun storytelling kit, My Mini Busy Books is a win-win for parents. Read the book, and then use the figurines and playboard to create exciting new stories!

We have carried this on plane journeys and restaurants ourselves and got at least 30 mins of play out of it. We first use the book and match the figurines with the pictures. Then we read through the story to know what each one does. Then we make our own story with the figurines on the fold-out mat.

Caution: the figurines can be a choking hazard. Kids must be supervised by adults at all times.

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