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Building a Reading Family

9 Aug 19

Reading to children is a time-honored tradition for families across the globe, and one that nurtures memories of love and security. However, reading aloud to your children offers so much more than that. It also provides a number of benefits including higher intelligence, improved language skills and more academic success.

The Internet, like television, takes time away from other pursuits, provides entertainment and information. But it will never capture the warm, personal experience of a good book. Books provide the in-depth knowledge of a subject what can’t be provided by a computer monitor.

The aesthetic quality of a book enhances the reading experience. When the reading experience is shared between parent and child, memories are built. Bonds are made and strengthened. 

It’s getting harder to turn kids on to reading. With so many distractions, the idea of sitting down with a good book seems to be a casualty of today’s instant-on entertainment culture. Peekado is committed to nurturing the new generation of readers.

There are more than just reading skills being lost. With all the webpages, advertisements and in-game storyboards, kids are reading as much now as they were in the pre-digital age. But with reading, it’s not just raw figures which count: it’s the experience quality that is being missed as well. 

How can parents get their kids interested in reading? Children aren’t moved by the “try this, you’ll like it” argument. Here is a tip  to help build a reading family.

Set an example for your kids to follow. Set an example for your kids to follow. Cuddle up and enjoy a book with them. Read the story and also point out what you see on the page. If they are old enough, ask them what they make of it. Eliminate any guessing, looking for deals, going to the stores for the perfect books for your children by signing up to Peekado. Our business ethos is nurturing family memories, the warm feeling of being read to, the all important connection

If you don’t read, your children won’t either. Reading isn’t a “do as I say, not as I do” type of thing. If you read together as a family, the children will begin to read on their own.