“So please, oh please, we beg, we pray, go throw your TV set away, and in its place you can install a lovely bookshelf on the wall”

Roald Dahl

Peekaboo! No, PEEKA-DO!

noun, pee-kuh-doo OR /piːkəˈduː/ 

Have you ever noticed that the game of ‘Peekaboo’ exists around the world, may last for hours, entertain for years & can conjure the biggest of giggles from even the shyest of babies?

 For our children, who have so much to learn, Peekaboo awards them the lesson that they’ll carry throughout their lives; the idea that even though they can’t see something (like your smiling face), it still exists!

 And much like this game of the ages, we encourage parents to DO just that, to discover new worlds with their children; finding what is hidden, whether behind the curtain or within our boxes, between the pages of a book: Let’s Peekado!


First time mum & entrepreneur

One thing about me that remains true: that despite juggling motherhood, family life & entrepreneurship, you will always find me with a book; whether under my arm, in the back of the stroller, or poking out from my handbag, there it will be, next to the glimmer of hope that I’ll find a moment (or two!) to read it.

Reading has always been so important to me, becoming a mother, I felt compelled to share this passion with my son. But I wasn’t prepared with what followed: I saw how it soothed him to hear me read his stories, captured his attention, introduce new ideas and helped to work through his emotions and as I looked further into the benefits of early reading, I felt compelled to do something about it.

 “There has been no better experience for me than seeing my son’s eyes widen with wonder, as we flipped through the pages of a book!”

Peekado is more than just a business; it combines my deep-seated passion for reading with my newfound enjoyment of motherhood, together with my entrepreneurial drive.


The Walking School Bus is a research-based Registered Charity with the ultimate goal to provide access to education. It achieves this by working with its partner-communities to enhance Transportation to get students to school safely, Nutrition to ensure students have proper sustenance to focus and learn, and Curriculum to help enhance student literacy and enhance their education.

In collaboration with its partner-schools in India and Uganda, The Walking School Bus establishes a unique program with each community to enhance educational outcomes. The ultimate goal is to provide and enhance education through its holistic, research-based approach of (1) Transportation, (2) Nutrition, and (3) Curriculum.
While searching for solutions to the problem of access to education, TWSB researchers learned that when students would arrive at school, they did not have adequate access to Nutrition – a prerequisite for education. Finally, while working in the classrooms, it was discovered that high rates of teacher absenteeism and a lack of teacher fluency were obstacles that negatively impacted student literacy – the number one predictor of academic success. TWSB then started working to improve curriculum through an innovative reading application called SiMBi in their Solar-powered Classrooms.
The Walking School Bus works with multiple partner communities in both India and Uganda to problem solve educational access! Learn more and get involved at http://thewalkingschoolbus.com