First time mum, ex-entrepreneur, consultant, fashion merchandiser

Fun Fact – I always have a book on me at all times in case I have 30 seconds free to read. Reading is always my preferred choice of spending idle time. Books are a way to transport myself into a world of make believe and imagination.

So here I am, sharing my passion for books and reading with the world of little humans who come with big brains that need nurturing. I find that books are such an important tool in calming them, getting their attention, working through emotions, introducing new ideas.

There is no better feeling for me than to see my son’s eyes widen and sense his brain machine changing gears with the pages of a book!


The Walking School Bus is a research-based Registered Charity with the ultimate goal to provide access to education. It achieves this by working with its partner-communities to enhance Transportation to get students to school safely, Nutrition to ensure students have proper sustenance to focus and learn, and Curriculum to help enhance student literacy and enhance their education.

In collaboration with its partner-schools in India and Uganda, The Walking School Bus establishes a unique program with each community to enhance educational outcomes. The ultimate goal is to provide and enhance education through its holistic, research-based approach of (1) Transportation, (2) Nutrition, and (3) Curriculum.
While searching for solutions to the problem of access to education, TWSB researchers learned that when students would arrive at school, they did not have adequate access to Nutrition – a prerequisite for education. Finally, while working in the classrooms, it was discovered that high rates of teacher absenteeism and a lack of teacher fluency were obstacles that negatively impacted student literacy – the number one predictor of academic success. TWSB then started working to improve curriculum through an innovative reading application called SiMBi in their Solar-powered Classrooms.
The Walking School Bus works with multiple partner communities in both India and Uganda to problem solve educational access! Learn more and get involved at http://thewalkingschoolbus.com